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In the summer of 1989, a new support organization for the Ross Ragland Theater was created by a group of Klamath Basin women.  The Ross Ragland Theater Guild was created in response to the need for a voluntary service organization to support the efforts of the Theater.  Since that time the Guild has performed the vital task of providing usher services for all the shows and events at the Theater, as well as many other projects that benefit the Theater.  Throughout its history, the Guild has supported the Theater and the community, participating in events such as the Snowflake Festival, gala celebration and fundraising events at the theater, and many special projects that require volunteers. 

Annually the Guild provides over 3,000 hours of volunteer service to the Theater.  Our dedicated group safely and efficiently provides the necessary workers – ticket takers, concessions sellers, OLCC Alcohol servers, hospitality services, auditorium ushers, merchandise sellers – for each event at the Theater.  Without the Guild, the Theater could not afford to staff all the many events that take place here.

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Joining the Guild is easy.  Membership is open to anyone 16 years or older.  Members pay $20 annual membership dues; membership for students is free.  There is currently no requirement to work a minimum number of hours, so Guild membership is very flexible to fit a variety of schedules.  Members enjoy seeing an abundance of quality shows during the Theater season, as well as attending our annual Membership Meeting (generally a potluck dinner) and our annual Holiday Dinner Party, served by the Ragland Board of Directors while we decorate the lobby Christmas tree!  The Guild has many long-standing members due to their love of the Theater and the enjoyment that comes from volunteer service, as well as making many friends who share the same passion for theater!   Sandy Couch, Sandy Glick and Barbara Roufs-Massey have been active Guild members since its inception in 1989!  We also have Associate Guild members that pay an annual dues of $40 but do not work at the shows, although they are invited to special events and show their support of the theater via financial contributions. 

If you are looking for an enjoyable way to volunteer your service to the Klamath community, please consider joining our Guild team.  For more information, email volunteer@ragland.org or call (541) 887-8639.


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