The Ross Ragland Theater is excited to provide another year of Theater classes and Rag Tag Children’s Choir.
The classes are filled with music, movement, theater games, and socially engaging activities intended to establish and strengthen skills used in life and the performing arts.
New to our After School Classes: Adult Class – Intro to directing

We offer a multi class discount; discount for multiple family members will automatically be applied at check out.  IF only registering ONE person in the family for two or more classes, please contact Dawn Loew ( for the discount code to apply to give you your discount for multiple classes. 

Scholarships are available for most classes.


Registration Now Open for Fall!!

Drama & Art Classes

Rag Tag Children’s Choir

DRAMA & ART CLASSES for Fall 2023

Registration Now Open!

Storybook Theatre for Grades K-3

Class Runs: Tuesdays, September 19 – November 7, 2023
Times: 4:00-5:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Saturday, November 11, 2023

Storytelling is a huge part of theater. During this class students will explore some traditional stories like The Gingerbread man, Chicken Little, and the ugly duckling. Then hear it from a different perspective/ retelling with a twist from the classic 90’s story book The StinkyCheese Man and other fairly odd stories. They will build skills and dive into making these stories come to life, culminating in a showcase to show their hard work.

Instructor: Tara Webster
Cost: $90, multi class discount available

Dramatic Interpretation for Grades 4-8

Class Runs: Tuesdays, September 19-November 7, 2023
Times: 4:00-5:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Saturday, Novmeber 11

Become a star!  Expand your imagination!  Free the way you think, act, talk and move.  Hone in and improve your child’s developing acting skills with improvisational drama and more.  As we develop their ability in characterization, scene work and dramatic interpretation, fun is guaranteed!

Instructor: Alex Burris
Cost: $90, multi class discount available

Painting with Acrylics for Grades 4-6

Class Runs: Tuesdays, September 19-November 7, 2023
Times: 5:00-6:0pm
Showcase Gallery: Saturday, November 11

Engaging and challenging…. For our developing visual artists!  Learn the basics of acrylics and how to paint in detail from objects to scenery.  Learn to use acrylic paints with more confidence whether you have painted with acrylics before or not.  You will grow in your understanding of art and color with this fun class!  

Instructor: Aria Sha
Cost: $105, all supplies included; multi class discount available

Dramatic Expression for Grades 1-3

Class Runs: Tuesdays, September 19-November 7, 2023
Times: 5:00-6:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Saturday, Novmeber 11

This class will bring visual art and dramatic art together in a fun and exciting way.  Students will use their imaginations to create wonderful masks of different design.  We will color, cut and assemble masks using various materials. They will show how wearing a mask can help them become different characters. Students will create animal characters that they will showcase in a small production at the end of the session. 

Instructor: Carrie Wilcox
Cost: $90, multi class discount available


Musical Theater – Broadway Musical History – Grades 4-8

Class Runs: Tuesdays, September 19-November 7, 2023
Times: 5:00-6:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Saturday, November 11

Over the next few weeks, we will study Broadway Musicals.Broadway Musicals have been popular in the United States from the 1860s, and they represent the highest level of commercial musical theatre in the English-speaking world. These musicals have changed over time with regard to plot content as well as musical styles, and many have historical/cultural implications for their time period. We will study musicals from the early 1900s through musicals that still run on Broadway today. We will watch video clips, listen to musical excerpts from songs,and We will explore cultural, social,and historical events that affected the writing and performing of Broadway Musicals. We will learn several songs with movement from these wonderful masterpieces and perform them in a showcase for family and friends to enjoy.

Instructor: Tara Webster
Cost: $90, multi class discount available

ADULT CLASSES for Fall 2023

Introduction to Stage Directing

Class Runs:  Mondays, September 25- November 13, 2023

Times: 6:30-8:00pm

Showcase: Monday, November 20, 2023

Ages: 18 & up

In ‘Introduction to Stage Directing’ my goals are to explore what a director’s job is, what a ‘director’s vision’ is & how to create one, an introduction to fundamentals of blocking, and discussions around working with actors and crew.  Throughout the course, I would like participants to provide an example of a “Director’s Vision,” demonstrate blocking techniques using peers, and direct a scene with fellow classmates (focusing on Director’s vision & blocking fundamentals).  To be clear, the ‘final’ scenes performed would be “judged” based on director’s vision and blocking provided, NOT based on peer’s performances.

Instructor: Jeff S. Press

Cost: $105, multi class discount available

Rag Tag Children’s Choir

Join us on December 13th, 2023 at 6:00 PM for the fall session’s RagTag Christmas Concert
RagTag-A-Long Choir
Grades 1-3 Mondays, September 18 – December 11 from 4:00-4:45 pm
RagTag Choir
Grades 4-6 Mondays, September 18 – December 11 from 5:00-6:00 pm

Explore the wonderful world of choral music. Learn vocal techniques, music appreciation, and participate in a high energy performance on the Ragland stage.
Concert: Wednesday, December 13 at 6pm
Instructor: Danielle Harmon
Cost: $120, multi student/class discount available


For Afterschool Classes

Aria Sha

Drama & Visual ART Instructor

Aria Sha developed her passion for theater at the age of 7 when she participated in her first play at the Linkville Playhouse. She hopes to inspire that same spark for the stage in others by teaching this years after school improv class. Other than theater, she enjoys being active and creative.


Rag Tag Choir Instructor

Dani Harmon is a long time lover of music, theater, and the arts. She grew up performing on the Ragland stage in countless children’s productions and moved on to community theater as an adult. After years of high school choirs, she then performed with a university choir at Brigham Young University. After returning back to the Klamath basin, she trained for years with Katie Harman (Miss America 2002). She has recently brought back the Rag Tag Children’s Choirs and hopes to cultivate a love of music in her students, as well as provide them with a solid foundation in proper vocal technique.

Tara Webster

Drama Instructor

Tara Webster has been in education for 17 years. She has also done theater since High School and most recently been a part of the last two Ross Regland community theatre shows. She enjoys bringing theatre to life in the classroom and is very excited to join her two passions theater and teaching for the after school programs.

Carrie Wilcox

Visual ART & Drama Instructor

Since childhood I have loved creating art. I graduated from the U of O in visual communication. I have worked as a K-8 classroom teacher and substitute. It seems that no matter what I do or where I am I always return to the need of painting and creating. I find inspiration in colors through travel and nature. After living in various places in Oregon and Alaska I returned to the Klamath basin where I grew up. It is now I am excited to be able to share my love of the arts with others.

Jeff S Press

Stage Directing Instructor

Jeff S. Press received his Master’s in Fine Arts in Theatre Directing from the University of Essex (East 15 Acting School) in London.  Throughout his studies, he was lucky enough to travel the world and learn many styles of theatre arts.  He loves bringing these experiences to life through helping youth learn and grow as theatre practitioners.  He also loves the Ross Ragland Theater’s various educational experiences because it has helped inspire and encourage so many of Klamath’s youth to explore their creativity and find a place where they belong.  Jeff also works as a full-time mentor at Friends of the Children, where he has the honor to mentor eight fantastic youth as his full-time “job.” 

Jeff is also very excited to share his knowledge regarding directing.  “There are so many amazing potential directors in Klamath.  I hope that I’m able to teach some of the ‘basics’ to encourage more people to explore directing!”