The Ross Ragland Theater is excited to provide another year of Theater classes and Rag Tag Children’s Choir.
The classes are filled with music, movement, theater games, and socially engaging activities intended to establish and strengthen skills used in life and the performing arts.
New this season to our Theater Classes: Adult Classes

We offer a multi class discount whether multiple students from the same family or the same student taking multiple classes.  Please note that in the registration process.

Scholarships are available for most classes.


Registration for Spring Session NOW Open!!

Drama & Art Classes

Rag Tag Children’s Choir

DRAMA & ART CLASSES for Spring 2024

Registration NOW Open!

Storybook Theatre for Grades K-3

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12 – May 7, 2024
Times: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Drawing from cherished children’s stories, students will experience all the fun and excitement of theatre as they retell and act out a beloved tale.  They will explore fun, loving characters as they enter into a world of drama and storytelling.  

Instructor: Alex Burris
Cost: $90, multi class discount available

Creating a Prop Master Class for Grades 3-6

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12- May 7, 2024
Times: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Showcase where the props will be used: Tuesday, May 14, 2024

There are many elements that go into a good theater production. In this class students will learn the art of prop making and design. We will look at different shows and how props enhanced the performance given. Then we will create props for the show case and other shows. This class is for our creative students who want to know more about the world of production and have a hands on experience.

Instructor: Tara Webster
Cost: $90; multi class discount available

Visual ART: Painting with Acrylics Grades 3-5

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12-May 7, 2024
Times: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Showcase Gallery: Tuesday, May 14

For our developing visual artists!  Learn the basics of acrylics and how to paint in detail from objects to scenery.  Learn to use acrylic paints with more confidence whether you have painted with acrylics before or not.  You will grow in your understanding of art and color with this fun class!  

Instructor: Aria Sha
Cost: $100, all supplies included; multi class discount available

Visual ART: Painting with Acrylics Grades 6-8

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12-May 7, 2024
Times: 5:00pm-6:00pm
Showcase Gallery: Tuesday, May 14

For our developing visual artists!  Learn the basics of acrylics and how to paint in detail from objects to scenery.  Learn to use acrylic paints with more confidence whether you have painted with acrylics before or not.  You will grow in your understanding of art and color with this fun class!  

Instructor: Aria Sha
Cost: $100, all supplies included; multi class discount available

Dramatic Interpretation Grades 7 – 12

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12-May 7, 2024
Times: 5:00pm-6:00pm
Showcase: Tuesday, May 14

Expand your imagination and creativity with the freedom in theater!  Free the way you think, act, talk and move.  Hone in and improve your child’s developing acting skills as we develop their ability through characterization, scene work and dramatic interpretation. 

Instructor: Alex Burris
Cost: $90; multi class discount available

Audition Fundamentals Workshop for High School Grades 9-12

Class Times: Monday, April 1 & Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

This workshop provides participants with the basics for audition preparation for Community Theatre productions.

Monday, April 1: guides participants through activities, exercises, and expectations to help performers prepare for auditioning generally; including choosing an audition piece, creating a character, and day of preparation.

Tuesday, April 2: builds on the learning in session 1, with a focus on activities, exercises, and expectations when auditioning for a musical production; including choosing a song, preparing for the audition itself (including movement and dance), and day of preparation.

Instructor: Charles “Chip” Massie
Cost: $35, multi class discount available


Musical Theatre  Grades 6 – 12

Class Runs: Tuesdays, March 12-May 7, 2024
Times: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Tech Rehearsal: TBD
Showcase: Tuesday, May 14

A Triple Threat! Singing, Dancing and Acting.  Musical Theatre is a wonderful way to experience many different forms of art. 

Whether you have been in Musicals before or want to try it for the first time, whether you can sing or dance or do neither, come and join us as we create a Musical Theatre Review.  We will learn songs, choreography, create a theme and an underlying story and at the end, perform a Musical Theatre Show.  As we do, we will also be learning important musical theatre skills; projection, movement, voice, character, emotion and have fun while learning.

Instructor: Caresse Robertson
Cost: $90, multi class discount available

ADULT CLASSES for Spring 2024

Ballroom Dancing

Date: Friday, May 17, 2024
Times: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Open Dance opportunity to follow: 8:30pm

Whether it’s date night or friends, learning to ballroom dance is always a great choice!  David and Jade will teach participants the waltz and help you learn to sweep your partner off their feet!  This one time masterclass will get you started in the world of ballroom dancing.  The first 1-1/2 hours will be filled with fun instruction in how to dance a waltz.  Following the instruction, we will offer a time to practice what you have learned and dance the evening away.

Instructors: David Delana & Jade Alexander
Cost: $15/person

Rag Tag Children’s Choir

Registration for our winter/spring season of RagTag choir is now closed.  Make plans to join us for our spring concert on Saturday, April 6!  Look for registration for our next season in September!
This Spring – RagTags sing Disney!  Join us for the magical music of Disney.  Sign up today to sing those Disney favorites!

RagTag-A-Long Choir
Grades 1-3 Mondays, January 8 – April 1 from 4:00-4:45 pm
RagTag Choir
Grades 4-6 Mondays, January 8 – April 1 from 5:00-6:00 pm

Explore the wonderful world of choral music. Learn vocal techniques, music appreciation, and participate in a high energy performance on the Ragland stage.
Concert: Saturday, April 6 at 6pm
Instructor: Danielle Harmon
Cost: $120, multi student/class discount available


For Afterschool Classes

Aria Sha

Ukelele & Visual ART Instructor

Aria Sha developed her passion for theater at the age of 7 when she participated in her first play at the Linkville Playhouse. She hopes to inspire that same spark for the stage in others by teaching this years after school improv class. Other than theater, she enjoys being active and creative.

Danielle Harmon

Rag Tag Choir Instructor

Dani Harmon is a long time lover of music, theater, and the arts. She grew up performing on the Ragland stage in countless children’s productions and moved on to community theater as an adult. After years of high school choirs, she then performed with a university choir at Brigham Young University. After returning back to the Klamath basin, she trained for years with Katie Harman (Miss America 2002). She has recently brought back the Rag Tag Children’s Choirs and hopes to cultivate a love of music in her students, as well as provide them with a solid foundation in proper vocal technique.

Tara Webster

Drama Instructor

Tara Webster has been in education for 17 years. She has also done theater since High School and most recently been a part of the last two Ross Regland community theatre shows. She enjoys bringing theatre to life in the classroom and is very excited to join her two passions theater and teaching for the after school programs.

Jade Alexander & David Delana

Ballroom Dance Instructors

David and Jade have over 25 years of dance experience. They have taught ballroom dance from the students’ rec center of Colorado State University to the vast Viewing Bride aboard the Royal Caribbean Azamara cruise line in Europe. The pair have taught a variety of lessons to a wide range of age groups and skill levels. Their primary goal is to bring the joy of dance to their students. Together they have taught a variety of dance styles such as the classic Viennese Waltz, fabulous East Coast Swing, saucy Cha Cha, Traditional and Argentine Tango and the fusion style of Blues. David and Jade are thrilled to bring their collective skills and love of dance to Klamath Falls!

Charles M. Massie

Audition Fundamentals Instructor

Chip Massie has been involved in theatre since the early 1970’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years since, he has been involved with educational and community theatre from Los Angeles to Klamath Falls. Chip has produced, directed and acted in over 50 community theatre productions and has led dozens of acting workshops for community performers. He loves working with actors and coaching to help performers reach their personal goals and explore theatre fully.

Alex Burris

Drama Instructor

Alex is thrilled to be teaching afterschool classes again this year. She is looking forward to graduating from KCC this year. Alex has been a part of the Ragland since she was 6 because her dance shows were held at the theater, until a few years ago. She is currently the Ragland’s unofficial stage manager, and she is loving it. She has recently been getting more and more involved with the education programs such as After School Classes, Teen Theater and the Summer Camp programs. She is loving it!

Andrew Sparkes

Tech Co-Director

Andrew Sparkes has been a Klamath Basin resident since 2001 and can be found on and off-stage in a variety of roles. He’s been seen on-stage in shows like M*A*S*H and One Slight Hitch at the Linkville Playhouse and has worked lights and tech at the Ross Ragland Theater since 2022. In fact, he loves his job so much, he even got married in 2023 at the theater! He loves tech and is looking forward to teaching the upcoming All Things Tech class!

Clinton Woodhams

Tech Co-Director

Clinton began his theater journey at the young age of 13, performing within an after-school program at the local Linkville Theater. Since then, he has been a stage manager for local productions such as “A Slice of the Blarney” and numerous Dance recitals. However, Clinton’s true passion began in 2017 when he got behind the microphone professionally for the first time. Granted it was as an Air Traffic Controller, and his only clientele were the local pilots of the 173rd Fighter Wing. But since then, Clinton has chased down his dream of Voice Acting, and looks forward to bringing his passion of Character, Commercial, and Narration vocal skills to the theater. 

Kenneth Ruthardt

Adult Workshop Instructor

Kenneth Ruthardt is an actor who performed in over 30 productions (stage, TV, film) and is a SAG-AFTRA member.

Kenneth discovered acting by chance when he attended an open audition for the movie Drunktown’s Finest in 2012, his interest was piqued and he began studying the craft. He started acting in local theater productions and his first role was an aha! moment. Since then Kenneth’s television credits include Longmire, Manhattan, Better Call Saul, and the Sundance Film Festival selection Drunktown’s Finest. He is Mescalero Apache from New Mexico.